We develop or source across platforms that help our partners accelerate and de-risk IO drug development efforts.

Our 2D assay experience extends beyond the traditional immuno-oncology assays to include various cell types. Examples of our assays include:

  • Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte (CTL) assays by leveraging our matched CTL and tumor lines.

  • T-regulatory (T-regs) suppression assays utilizing T-regs from PBMCs and evaluating whether a certain checkpoint expression on our Tumor 003 line enhanced T-reg suppression activity.

  • Evaluating the T-cell activation in patient derived melanoma and colon PBMCs.

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3D spheroid assays are commonly used to complement 2D assays. Tumor spheroids are low cost assays that work well for certain tumor types. We have experience in working with select tumor lines that form spheroids across multiple indications.

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Although 3D spheroids are useful and efficient platforms, not all tumors create spheroids and most importantly spheroids may have deficiencies in antigen presentation. Our partnership with IMMUNE 3D, leverages a unique platform that captures the components of the tumor microenvironment (TME) and use of our proprietary HLA-matched CTL and tumor lines

IMMUNE 3D ™ is a physiologically relevant system designed to study factors that impede lymphocyte infiltration towards tumors. Example studies include:

  • Studying stromal factors involved in T cell migration and infiltration

  • Evaluating immuno-suppressive mechanisms such as TAMs, Tregs and MDSCs

  • Hypoxic and metabolic factors

  • Antigen enhancement upon treatment with drug candidate


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To learn more, Contact us or submit a Build-a-System request.

We have designed and developed in vivo models using our tumor lines to complement 2D and 3D studies.

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